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All You Need to Know About Inflation Reduction Act

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Did you know that you can cut your taxes with the help of inflation reduction act? This bill was made mainly for the companies to take a greener way of production, but regular taxpayers can profit from it, too.

How Inflation Reduction Act Helps Regular Taxpayers

With the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit you can get a credit equal to a percent of the cost of the equipment you install in your house. Starting 2023 taxpayers can get 30% of the amount instead of 22% spent on these improvements throughout the year.
Imagine: you get solar panels for your house for $25 000 total. Before the IRA you would receive 22% back in tax credit, which equals $5500. That's not bad. But with the new incentive this sum goes up to $7500. And that takes things to a whole different level!
As the renewable energy advocates ourselves, we are more than happy to help you get solar panels with an increased tax credit. Give us a call at (408) 901-8363 or write an email at support@fuseservice.com and we will draft a solar quote for you. Just look at how neat these panels are!

Keep in mind, the incentive of Inflation Reduction Act is based on the tax year the project is installed and deemed operational. Consult a tax professional with questions about the solar tax credit.