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SPAN Electrical Panel Installation in San Jose, California

Installations & Repairs
Our licensed technicians have performed the first SPAN electrical panel installation by Fuse in San Jose, California. SPAN is a smart panel that replaces your existing electrical panel and becomes the leading source of electricity in your house. It is possible to install them in both new and older houses. SPAN is a solution for people, who want to modernize their homes and be in control of the electrical processes.
With this panel you can control your energy consumption via the app from your phone and better understand the division of electricity. Also, you are able to modify the energy consumption for different sources, e.g. for EV charging or solar production. Best thing is that you can do all that even outside of your house — you just need to install the app and use it for all controls.

How Do You Perform a SPAN Electrical Panel Installation?

Before the installation our technicians had to carry out the pre-installation inspection. During this inspection they observed the old panel and decided where to put the new one. The customer wished to relocate the panel as well. So our electricians had to make new wiring and grounding. After that the electricians prepares the working area according to the safety standard protocols and delivered the SPAN panel and other materials to the working site. Finally, they turned off the power and ran a new cable shortly followed by installing the panel itself. The last thing to do was to test the electrical power — and it went perfectly fine.
Fuse provides a warranty for SPAN electrical panel installation as well as other electrical labor.