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The Dangers of Zinsco Electrical Panel and Federal Pacific Electric

Several decades ago electricians would install Zinsco electrical panel and Federal Pacific Electric panels in many houses. Back then there were no issues with both brands. However, as time passed, and the electrical demand of the houses went up, electricians started to notice that Zinsco and Federal Pacific can not cope with the new load. Now both brands are notorious for being a hazard to the house they are in.

Why Are Zinsco Electrical Panel and Federal Pacific Electric Dangerous?

Zinsco electrical panel can provoke both fire and electrical shock because of their numerous design flaws. These are the most common things that cause those panels malfunction:
  • Some components in the panel have aluminium wiring. This wiring rusts and decreases the effectiveness of the electrical conductor. Moreover, this wiring can prompt overheating of the panel.
  • The bus bars of those panels get damaged and destroyed easily.
  • Breakers’ interior tripping mechanisms sometimes get jammed. This will indicate that the breaker is off when, in fact, it is still on. So, the breaker isn’t providing any overload protection. This can lead to the panel overheating and starting a fire.
Finally, Zinsco panels do not meet today’s updated safety codes. Their production stopped in mid-1970s, and the panels produced during those years can not cope with the contemporary electrical needs.
Federal Pacific Electric is also not a good asset for your house. They can perform normally for years only to give up at some point and get overcurrent or short circuit. This happens due to several reasons:
  • Wires may be crowded inside the panel box.
  • Breakers may unexpectedly trip after the removal of the dead-front cover. Moreover, the breakers can have loose connections.
  • Breakers are often jammed within their sockets, which can cause overcrowding within the panel.
And as with the case of Zinsco, Federal Pacific Electric do not meet today’s updated safety codes.

What to Do if You Have a Zinsco Electrical Panel or Federal Pacific Electric at Home?

So, given everything above, it is very important to check your panel regularly. Remember, that only a qualified and trained technician may replace the panel in your house. Please do not do it yourself unless you have a specialized education. Fuse team can help you assess the situation with your electrical panel and change it if needed. Save yourself a trouble and ensure that your electrical panel is no danger to you and to your loved ones. Give us a call at (408) 721-2530 or drop an email at support@fuseservice.com and we will schedule an inspection right away!
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