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New Power Line Installation in Palo Alto, California

Installations & Repairs
Our licensed technicians performed a power line installation in Palo Alto, California. The customer got themselves an electric vehicle and wished to get a new power line from the main panel to the garage using metal conduit. They wanted it to pass along the roof of the house and have the waterproofing of roof openings.

What Do You Need for a Power Line Installation?

To complete the project our techs did the following:
  • Supply the materials;
  • Deliver materials on the working site — NEMA 14-50;
  • Prepare working area according to the safety standards protocols (OSHA, NEC);
  • Turn the power off;
  • Run new power line;
  • Install the outlet;
  • Test the electrical power.
Fuse provides a warranty for power line installation as well as other electrical labor.