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Commercial Lamps Replacement on the Trading Floor in Cupertino, California

Installations & Repairs
Our qualified technicians performed a commercial lamps replacement in the trading floor in Cupertino, California. The owner of the place wished to have 271 refrigeration lights removed and replaced to LED lamps. They also asked for the additional tubes installation for moisture protection and poor or burnt chuck contacts replacement. It was a big project and our technicians delivered it perfectly.

How Do You Perform a Commercial Lamps Replacement?

The customer is the owner of a Japanese store in [City2]. The lights on the trading floor were the regular ones at first, so the owner wished to save money and energy and get the LED replacement. They are just as bright as the regular light bulbs but they cost way less. They are also more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps. Finally, you can manage them from the app in your phone which is quite convenient. So FUSE specialists removed the old lamps from the refrigerators and replaced them with the new ones. They also installed the protective tubes for all the lights.

This commercial lamps replacement is provided by TESLA, SPAN, Enphase certified FUSE electricians and includes a labor warranty.