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Are You a FUSE-fluencer? Then You Can Win $100

Are you the best FUSE-fluencer? We bet you are! That's why we thought that you would kill it on social media. For all our devoted customers we introduce a contest for the most interesting social media review with a guaranteed $5 prize and additional $100 prize every month. Here is how to get it:

  • Get a job done by FUSE — it can be any HVAC, refrigeration, electrical or plumbing installation, repair or service. Both residential and commercial projects qualify.
  • Post a review in any social media you own and tag our page in it. The review can be whatever you want it to be — you can write a couple of sentences, post a video of the process or take a selfie with our technician. Both posts and stories qualify. There are no boundaries for your creativity!
  • Send a screenshot of the story to review@fuseservice.com. We receive lots of messages every day and sometimes can miss a new tag.
  • Receive a prize of $5 instantly for the posted review — we will send a $5 gift card to your email.
  • After posting a review in social media you automatically participate in a monthly contest for the best review. In the end of each month we choose a review that we like most and we award its creator with $100!