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How to decrease Electric Bill? Install Emporia Smart Power Meter with licensed Electrical Contractor in California

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Today, you can find out how much power each appliance or any electrical device in your home is using.

Emporia Smart Power Meter Installation keeps track of the energy used in your home to help you identify appliances and circuits that waste energy and increase monthly bills.

Moreover, the Emporia Smart Power Meter App, downloaded in your smartphone, suggests valuable savings opportunities and also allows you to set alerts to keep you notified when appliances and lights have been left on.

By the way, in the Emporia Smart Power MeterApp, you can set alerts for times when you approach monthly peak energy use, when you leave lights or an oven on.
You just need to book it online here (book.housecallpro.com/…/bb5d9805a7ec4e3aa49f162e0e8d7130) and our technicians will come and install Energy Monitor into your electric panel just for $499.

How Emporia Smart Power Meter works:
  1. The Emporia Vue Energy Monitor installs in an electrical panels.
  2. The Vue Energy Monitor connected directly to the circuits you care about, like your furnace, A/C, refrigerator, or solar generation.
  3. Connecting the electrical panel to Wi-Fi;
  4. Download app and manage your energy with the app