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Fuse is a Certified Span Panel Partner now. What Does This Mean?

Installations & Repairs
After completing the learning path, Fuse has become a Certified Partner of SPAN panel. That means that our technicians are now capable of installing smart SPAN electrical panels.

What is a SPAN electrical panel?

SPAN is a smart panel that replaces your existing electrical panel and becomes the leading source of electricity in your house. It is possible to install them in both new and older houses. SPAN is a solution for people, who want to modernize their homes and be in control of the electrical processes. Here is what you can do with these panels:
  • Control your energy consumption via the app from your phone;
  • Understand the division of the electricity;
  • Manage your home's sourcing, storing and using energy in real time — even if you are not at home;
  • Turn circuits on/off manually from any place;
  • Modify the energy consumption for different sources, e.g. for EV charging or solar production.
Also, SPAN has a simple design that can blend in any interior.
Want to know more? Contact us with any question about SPAN smart panel. Our customer support works 24/7, so you can call at any time — (669) 235-8585.