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Electrical Panel 200A Installation in Sunnyvale, California

Installations & Repairs
Our licensed technicians performed an Electrical Panel 200A Installation in Sunnyvale, California.
The client wished to replace their old panel, because it didn't have enough power to charge the electrical vehicle. Fuse estimators suggested to install the electrical panel Siemens 200A. In addition, our technicians upgraded the car station. The client decided those were the best options and approved of the works.

How do you perform an Electrical Panel 200A installation?

Firstly, our technicians had to pull the permit for the works and get an approval with the service provider. After that it was possible to start the installation. It is very important to ground and bond the wires before the installation of the new panel. And then, it is safe to replace the old device.
During this project our technicians installed:
  • Electrical panel Siemens 200A;
  • 50amp Outlet;
  • New wiring.
Fuse provides a warranty for Electrical Panel Installation and other electrical labor.