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Time to Electrify Your Ride with a Certified Tesla Partner


Thinking Of Buying An Electric Car?

Install a home EV charger for faster car charging with our expert electricians!
Are you ready to amp up your drive? Consider an electric option! It's 2023 after all, and here’s why you should join the electric car revolution:
  • Be a Planet Hero: EVs are like earth-friendly superheroes on wheels.
  • Save Your Wallet: Less cash on gas (you've seen the prices right?).
  • Tech Savvy: This is the rive the future that you will be driving, today!
  • Home Sweet Charger: Refuel while you snooze, right at home.
And the best part? Fuse Service is here to supercharge your switch! We are a Certified Tesla installer and we will make sure your installation goes as smooth as possible, at the best price! Hop into the electric lane and let’s go towards a cleaner, cooler future together! Send an email to support@fuseservice.com to schedule a free estimate.